At L2P Financial Partners, we take great pride in providing our clients with world-class service. Meeting the individual needs of our clients is our chief concern and priority, and we require our partners to abide by the same standard. To ensure that every client is treated in a fair and ethical manner, we have made the following promise through our Client Bill of Rights. Rooted in this philosophy is the fact that every L2P Financial Partners client has both important rights and responsibilities.

As a client of L2P Financial Partners, you have the right to: 


You are entitled to a high level of proactive, courteous service from L2P Financial Partners. Our service model is always at the center of every decision we make.


We will strive every day to earn and keep the trust of our clients. Our client relationships are built on trust and we will always put the client’s best interests first. You have the right to work with a loyal, trustworthy, dependable, independent financial professional focused on your dreams, visions and goals. Your financial professional will develop a personal relationship with you through insightful communication highlighting our core values and your goals.


You have the right to independent advice and recommendations based upon your defined needs, risk tolerances, and goals. Through holistic planning, your needs are clearly defined and constantly monitored.


You have the right to the strictest levels of confidentiality with information provided to L2P Financial Partners. L2P Financial Partners will protect all information to the highest standards.


You have the right to a transparent relationship and to clearly know the costs and fees for all services. Our desire is that all communications with L2P Financial Partners will be clear and concise. If you have a question, it is our duty to answer it for you in an understandable way.


You have the right to a prompt response from your financial professional. As your Loyal and Trusted financial professionals, L2P Financial Partners commits to returning calls within 24 hours. Should a request require additional research, we will set a clearly defined time frame for resolution.


You have the right to be communicated to in a timely manner. As your Loyal and Trusted financial professionals, our goal is to provide you with information before the question arises, regardless of the medium used.


You also have the right to hold us accountable for anything that we have not done to your expectations. We are always striving to improve and welcome any criticism or feedback.


You have the responsibility to share your current financial situation, needs and objectives, as well as changes in your financial and personal circumstances, with L2P Financial Partners so that appropriate recommendations can be made. If something changes, such as a marriage, birth, or change of employment, your financial professional needs to know.

You should make time to meet with your with us on a regular basis, at least annually, to review and revise your plan as needed based upon changing circumstances.

You have the responsibility to review all statements in their entirety, ensuring that your instructions were carried out as expected and reporting any errors to us. Ask for clarification of anything you do not understand.

You have the responsibility to read all documents fully, ensuring that you understand all risks and costs; and that you ask for any necessary clarification prior to making a purchase.

Let us know if we fail to meet your expectations in any way, or if you don’t understand or agree with any actions we take.

We are looking forward to being your loyal partner.